You are a thief – Burna Boy, producer fight dirty on Instagram

Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer, born Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name, Burna Boy, has responded to allegations against him by his producer, Orbeat, that he (Burna Boy) was indebted to him.
Burna Boy lambasted Orbeat for calling him out on the social media when he could as well contact him on phone.
It would be recalled that the drama over alleged debt ensued on Wednesday after Burna Boy tweeted the link to his new song and disclosed that the song was produced by Orbeat, who also produced ‘Soke’ and worked on his album.
The singer came under fire by his producer on Instagram, IG, @Orbeat_Official, saying that the song shouldn’t have been released without his consent especially since he hasn’t been paid fully for his effort.
In a series of IG posts, Orbeat had accused Burna boy of intellectual property theft by not reaching out to him for consent to drop the song he produced for him on his latest album “On A Spaceship”(OAS).
Orbeat had tweeted, “This material was released illegally, I find this nsulting. I have not been paid for the effort I put in and you disrespect me for dropping the song without consulting me.
“I don’t blame you because our judiciary in this country is a joke. You can’t just be disrespecting people who have helped your career.
“Sad thing, you really undermined me,” the singer’s producer said.
However, responding to the allegation, Burna Boy called out his producer, saying if any responsible person has issues with him, he has his number and knows where he stays and should contacted him rather than taking things out on social media.
On his IG account @burnaboy, the 24-year-old songster tweeted: “Talk about me, laugh behind my back but to my face you some well-wishing snakes with your hands out for my Money, man how much can I Take?
“Niggaz need to understand that social media ain’t a safe place to try violate man if we really know each other.
“Crackhead, thief ass nigga. You ain’t my nigga. You ain’t wit me. You begged me to f@ck with you because you are frm PH and shit. Paid you for your service. But you want more because you a crack head.
“You wanna be treated like you one of my in house producers but you NOT. Give a nigga a rope and he wanna be a cow boy.
“You know where I’m at and you have my number but you couldn’t even call, couldn’t even reply my DM’s because you are insecure and dishonest. F@ck you,” the ‘Like to Party’ crooner stated.

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