Benefits of Whiskey

Whiskey is a type of spirit that people indulge in all over the world, but did you know there’s health benefits to it? Whiskey is one of the more popular alcohols that gets sold on the market, especially since there are country singers constantly singing about it. Alcohol is usually looked at as being one of the worst things you can put into your body, but that’s not true! We’re going to cover 10 different health benefits that come alongside drinking whiskey, all of which you probably weren’t aware of before.

Alcohol gets a bad reputation for a magnitude of reasons, but seeing the positive in whiskey is way too easy. Check out the list below and let us know what you think!

Weight Loss – Whiskey can help you with your weight loss needs, as it’s a low-carb drink. Alcohol usually has a lot of carbs inside of it, especially ones like beer and such; whiskey falls under a completely different category, though. If you’re counting calories than you’re probably going to stick with whiskey, it’s just the best way to consume alcohol without worrying about your weight.
Strokes – Whiskey can help prevent strokes too, believe it or not. You have to consume whiskey in moderation in order to actually make use of this benefit, because over-consuming alcohol is never a good idea (no matter what kind it happens to be). One shot of whiskey a day will lower the risk of clot-caused strokes, something that is quite common.
Treating Colds – A shot of strong alcohol has the ability to cure your cold symptoms, because it’s almost like taking a shot of energy itself. The qualities of whiskey actually mimic Nyquil quite a bit, which is why some people choose to treat their common colds through the use of the spirit. It’ll clear your sinuses, as well loosen up any mucus that might be blocking your respiratory system.

Stress Relief – This one needs to be taken into consideration, as being moderate with your drinking is always important. Having a few drinks has the ability to lower your stress levels, and removing stress from your life is a big deal. It can have a physical toll on your daily lifestyle, as well as a mental one; so if you’re stressed out, try a little bit of whiskey.
Helps With Digestion – If your digestion system isn’t up to par with everything else, your body is going to feel the repercussions. Making sure that your digestive tract is healthy should be a crucial part of your routine, but we understand that it can slip peoples minds sometimes. A little bit of whiskey has the ability to help you digest a meal you’ve just eaten, which is recommended by leading physicians.
There you have it, 5 benefits to drinking whiskey! If you didn’t know about these, you aren’t the only one; most people would never think that there are any positive traits to consuming alcohol.


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