I Do Not Have Time To Fight With KCee – Harrysong

KCee & Harrysong
Harrysong says he has nothing against KCee, but does not understand why he is being sued by his former label mate.

AlterPlate singer, Harrysong has no time to quarrel because he is focused on his music.
In a recent interview, Harrysong said he is not in any cold war with Kcee, who recently took him to court.

According to the singer and songwriter, he has other projects to push rather than fight with a former team mate.
‘He said he got me my first visa, who is dragging that with him?’ Harrysong said.

The father of twins added, ‘There are other things to talk about, I have an album concert coming up soon, AlterPlate just got launched, I just released my latest single and we are here talking about visa’.

Harrysong got himself mixed up in contractual disagreements with the management of 5-Star records after he allegedly failed to produce the required number of albums.



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