What to expect from sex with man who has big penis

Men obsess about their penis size; just as women hate to get into bed with a man who is too small below the belt.
But while women hate the unsatisfactory sex that usually comes with a man of small member, they are also mortified with the possible consequences of rolling with a man who has humongous manhood.
And they have every cause to be concerned because, as experts say, sex with a man who spots huge penis comes at a price — an unpleasant price, for that matter!

So, what can you expect from sex with a ‘big man’? These ones…
• You can’t comfortably engage in every position. If you love your man to enter from the rear (as in doggy style), you can’t enjoy that luxury with a man who has above-average penis—otherwise, you may end up with a ruptured uterus, experts warn. What to do: While you can probably still make most positions work, you have to be extra careful and gentle—assuming your partner could be that careful and gentle in the heat of the moment, though.
• You must take it real slow. A huge manhood can sometimes be a bore to its owner, especially during sex. What to do: first, mash your private parts together, because the man can’t just plunge into the man from the get go. He must navigate his way slowly, watching how well his partner takes it in with each gentle thrust.
• Lubrication is a must-have. When you settle down to have sex with a man who has astronomical dick, you must guard against too much friction by having good lubrication gel on hand. There’s no other way to it, sorry.

• Oral sex? Hmmmm! Well, many couples love to experiment, and oral sex is one of such things couples try out. But then, when it comes to a man of cyclopean penis size, caution is the word; otherwise, you risk being choked to death! So, be mindful of your limits, and go about it cautiously.
• Prepare to nurse sores the next day!Even sex with a man that has average penis still leaves the average woman sore down there, not to mention the implications of having sex with a man whose penis feels like having a ramrod shoved down your vagina. You need to know this before taking the ride.
• In the long run, size isn’t everything — as he can still be terrible in bed, despite his ‘endowment.’ Don’t expect that just because he looks like he’s hiding a baby elephant in his pants, you’re going to have the time of your life. You may be disappointed that the two of you still have to work at it.



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