To the MMM hypocrite people

You got into many relationships that never worked, and no one is mocking you in public. You got into a marriage that crashed, yet your friends are not on facebook celebrating your pain, and you haven't killed yourself yet. Your many attempts at businesses have failed and you lost money, yet you are still alive. You have taken many risks that never paid off, yet you are still moving on with hope.

Now you advised your friend not to do MMM, but he went for it anyways. MMM is frozen for 30days, atleast so we heard, and you find joy in taking to facebook to mock your friend JUST TO BE PROVED RIGHT. Same way you pray for the failure of the government you didn't vote for JUST TO BE PROVED RIGHT.

I have taken time to read the MMM freezing report, it is a shame that you have decided to take that report out of context, add salt and pepper, just to cause panic and unnecessary tension. Many people have fainted because they read your false version of MMM story. Will you also celebrate on facebook if they commit suicide tomorrow on account of your mockery?

Even if they were careless in taking risk with MMM, must you add to their sorrow?

Don't you have any conscience sire? Are you not a hypocrite? 

If that young man came to you for help, even to borrow money before MMM, would you have given him? How many of you have helped poor people the way MMM has in the last year(i speak based on the testimonies in the mouth of Nigerians).

In October i met a young man in Port Harcourt who moved from someone's house as a squatter to a one-bedroom apartment and i still remember the joy with which He glorified God for MMM. How many people have glorified God for your help and support, STINGY YOU!

There is a high level of moral bankruptcy in this nation. People are more willing to celebrate the pains of fellow Nigerians than anything else. It is the same reason they go to accident scenes, and their first impulse is not to help but snap and post gorry pictures on facebook to extract AMEN from people.

If you know you have never done things that failed in your life, then continue mocking your MMM friends.......

My name is Chima Lusty and i hate hypocrisy!


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