See How MMM-NG Frozen accounts Affect Banks withdrawal Actions in Nigeria

Obviously, it is no longer business as usual for several banks in Nigeria as the most ever spread online induced  financial community networking system frozen the "get help" request of assistant by all the its participant leading to the insufficiency of physical cash flow in the country.

" it turns out that MMM has been keeping some of our banks in business for a while and we didn't even know.

For your enlightenment and almost archaic mind, Most banks are now regulating withdrawals, giving you half of what you intend to withdraw.. 2nights ago,  I needed cash so much that I went round Yenagoa, But to my surprise. No ATM could pay. In the whole of Yenagoa O, I had to call my friend to come pick me up because I had exhausted all the little cash I had hopping from one keke to another.

If you don't know what that means, I'll explain to you. Banks are trying to control withdrawals both on counter and outside the bank by loading their ATMs with less cash..  I could technically say our Banks are freezing too,  because why on earth would you tell me I can't get all my money when I need it most.. Same reason in which the HYPOCRITIC and HUNGRY Nigerian Media Platforms have grossly and IGNORANTLY criticised MMM. A platform they know NOTHING about.

MMM critics, I'm starting to wonder why y'all suddenly went mute.. The bank didn't even notify you before taking this very sensitive decision that could send panic ripples amongst the masses, and let me remind you morons, your life savings and all your hopes are stuffed up there too. and Guess what, you don't even know when the cash crunch banks are facing at the moment will be over, or how worse it could get. We know of MMM, Its Jan 14th..

Data is now cheap,  thanks to GLO,

Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, and other China phones are cheap too, so you can sit down at the corner of your one room apartment to type shades on social media about MMM.  Many came out blabbing and Wailing of how they warned MMM participants prior, Claiming TB Joshua Upandan.. Infact we are just getting over your euphoria about the freeze.

I know none of those media platforms will say anything about this.. Infact I just got word that many banks are suspending online activities.

If your bank is still active, go get all the cash you will need for this festive period in due time and thank me later.

I am a proud participant of MMM and I will still put my spare money come January 14th, at least to keep Nigerian Banks in Business. Say whatever you like, It doesn't add to me nor belittle my status quo.

Millions of Nigerians Have benefited from MMM and they fully understand  the risk involved to the letter.. They don't need your coward ass to remind them of their loss or gain.  Instead of you to mind your business and wish them well,  you keep criticising all about wasting your valuable time and secretly wishing the system crashed already, Just to boost your ego.

Wait,  Is it your money? Is it your risk?  or has anyone forced you to participate..  One of my mentor once told me "There Has Never Been a Statue Raised for a Critic"

So you can keep at it while I achieve my dreams with calculated risks

I could continue writing but I need to go queue on a very long Queue at the Bank..


Itunu Fagade
MMM participant
CEO / founder PecoAfrica


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