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As young as I am, I think why Nigeria is not really developing is because we don't embrace new things and new development, and if at all some of us want to, we always happen to be the last people to put it to practice after so many year of development being active in so many countries.

By the time we now want to put it to practice, that development would have been out of series and would have become old things and when time now come to service or maintain such things in our country, the parts will now be difficult to get.

Part of a good example is "Tricycle"  (called keke Maruwa or keke Nappeb). It has been in existence in Indian and some other countries before getting to Nigeria. When it got to Nigeria, we all started acting as if no transportation like it all over the world.

Another issue of development is technology. Technology have been in existence in other countries so many years ago, but started in Nigeria some years back and when this started in Nigeria, we now turn it to gate way to crime activities.

Crime activities like hacking other people's system and Data base to get information from them but the most common one it called "yahoo yahoo" and is of different type as they say.

Some do dating, where men will act like woman, and women like a man. Some use another persons credit card to buy goods online. All this are called cyber crime. This kind of act do affect and destroy company Economy. Is just like you trying to build house, you've bought sand, cement, granite, blocks, nails & some other building materials that will build your complete house.

After some days of serious savings and getting those materials, some people now come one night to steal out of those materials, please say the truth, how will you feel? Look at the set back you have given that person.

I have studied Nigerians, 60 to 70 % of us do misuse opportunities and we always have the mind set that the thing will soon get spoil or crash down.

I still don't know why we use to have that kind of thinking or mind set. Please let's assume that invention is your hand work, is it part of your plan for it to get spoil the following day or soonest? I think we need to change the way and manner on how we think and value things.

Even if the inventor of the thing design it just to work for a while and that thing has happen to be of help to some people even if it is just ten (10) people out of thousand of people, do you know how happy those ten (10) people will be and how relief they will be.

A very good example of such thing is a scheme called MMM (Community of people helping each other). Most Nigerians started saying is a scam, is evil, is bad, it's meant to rub people.

With the present situation of the country, do you know how this scheme have put smile on million of Nigerian's face, relief them of hunger, poverty, unemployment, some small small shops and businesses that have folded up coming back to life through this scheme?

I still always wonder why the first statement a Nigeria will alter when something new comes out is that; "it will soon spoil", "it's a bad thing", "it's a crime" and so on.......

Director of Corporate Communications, CBN, Mr. Isaac Okoroafor, says MMM is a Ponzi scheme.  “At times like this when the economy has suffered some decline, Nigerians should be very careful with those they deal with. Any institution that is not licensed by the CBN to accept deposits should not be given money to keep under any guise.

Hello sir, for your information, Nigerians doing MMM are not keeping their money with any body, we are sending to each & other on the platform of MMM to help ourselves, no central account involve so why should they save money with you?

He continued by saying; "If you need to deposit money in any form, go to any of the deposit money banks and put your money, you can buy fixed income instruments or invest in stocks,”.

When you said we should buy fixed income instruments or invest in stock, with how much interest at the end of the month?

Okoroafor said the CBN could not guarantee the unregistered institutions, insisting that when depositors lose money to them, the bank would not be able to help them.

For you information sir, we have not come to you to register & we can never come to you when there is any issues. Many issues have been coming up and have been happening which is normal in any organisation, but I tell you, it's only making us stronger and wiser.

Do you know this is part of why Nigeria is lacking behind other countries. We don't have believe in our hand work i.e what ever we build or design. We so much believe in imported things and this affect our economy the more.

Bible says; "My people perish because they lack knowledge". Please let's take some minute to look at that word of God ("My people perish because they lack knowledge").

What's even knowledge? Knowledge is when you have or develop the ability to know about something you don't know about at all or that you've once heard about it and want to know more .

For God to have said that word, that means its not a sin to do researches about anything.

We lack behind because we look at it that we don't have time to know about this or we need not to know about it because it's not our work or line.

Even if you don't have the time , please let's learn how to embrace good things at all time when it comes our way by those who have the time to do researches, let's observe and give things a try to see how it works and then let's have a maintenance culture so that things can last for us for our own enjoyment and comfort ability.

Another part to talk about is investment. Do you know that the rich people will continue to be rich why some poor people will for everly be poor?

It's not a prayer, it's not a cause but it's a simple logic. Do you know a wise man will take little out of his salary or income and invest in it. Thou it may not be convenient for you at that period but you are building future for yourself and your children. Investment is not a thing you will do today and reap tomorrow.

We have so many investment that can be done, it depend on the one you will like to do or have interest in. Religion doesn't mean we should be fool or not have plans for our future. Because I know some will start saying my religion does not permit me to do such. Please who preaches that to you, that your religion does not allow you to use your brain or be wise?

If it is a sin to trade or invest, do you know Jesus will not tell that kind of story of a boss who was traveling on a journey and call on his three (3) servants. He inform them that he's traveling and then gave ten (10) coins to one, five (5) coins to another and one (1) coin to the last servant that they should trade with it till he comes back.

The servant with ten coins traded with it and makes extra ten coins gain, the servant with five coins traded with his own too and made extra five coins but the last servant with one coin buried his own till their master came bak.

The three of them gave report of what they've done with their coins. The master was very happy with the first and second servant for trading well with the little he gave them. But the third servant complained a lot to the master that he want to reap from where he has not sow, that what did he think he can do with just one coin and so many excuses like that.

The master was very angry with him, asked him why he didn't give the coin to the servant with ten coins who would have traded well with it for him instead of keeping it in the ground till he comes back. The master caused him, collected that coin and handed it over to the one with ten coins.

This proverb of Jesus talks to you and I. How much is your salary, how small or how big is it? Do you know that no matter how much your salary his, you can still invest. I really mean invest not that saving in the bank. I don't say saving in the bank is a bad idea, but think of it first, what are you gaining from saving your money in the bank?

When you're saving some money in the bank, I mean your own money, bank will remove some percentage from it just because you are keeping your money with them and they will still trade with your money, make plenty percentage on it but at the end of the year, you will only be given 2% interest for a whole year.

Please, what exactly can you do or buy with 2%? Let's now assume you invested the money you put in the bank, do you know how much you would have made at the end of the year? So many secure online investment you can do instead of wasting your money on mobile data and start spending your entire time and life on social medias. You surf so many social medias at a time just to view pictures, watch videos, you like some, you comment on some and so on............

Do you know how much you are generating for the owners of those social medias by every click of yours on every thing you see? Why not spend your time online looking for good and secure investment you can also go into the way rich people always do. 
Do you know there are so many coins investment you can do online?

They are called "Cryptocurrency" meaning, secured currency. They are just like all this currency we spend which are Naira and Dollars. Naira and Dollars are visible and printed but Cryptocurrencies are not visible and they are only mine.

Some of this coins are lite coin, bit coin, alt coin, ripple coin, The Billion Coin and many like that. Let me quickly talk about the recent one now called The Billion Coin (TBC).

This coin was introduce on the 21th of March 2016, it was introduced in Nigeria April 1st and 10 (ten) coins was sold for N86.  The more people know about this coins world wide, the more it gain values every day by 1pm. As at this moment, the ten coins now value millions of Naira.

I heard of story of a guy who in 2009 sold 10,000 bitcoins just to buy pizza..... Now same 10,000 bitcoins is now worth 7m dollars.
Don't just buy, learn more about your investment.......

You can never know the worth or value of a thing you have at hand until the thing is no more.

Now lots of people are running up and down looking for a way to register for MMM after millions of Nigerians are already enjoying it for months now buy helping each other with their spare money.

This is why the rich people will continue to be rich just because they always take risk with the little money they have and invest it for the future and some poor people will continue to be poor just because they choose and decided to remain to be poor.

They are not ready to take risk and loose any penny from what they have to any thing or anybody and that makes them continue to be slaves and servant to the rich people.

I remember I heard about a graduate who was introduced to this coins of a thing (TBC), she gave it a try by investing in it. With the price of the coin in the market today, the graduate now worth millions of naira and the surprising thing is that she just graduated and haven't even done her youth corp yet.

It's time for Nigerians to be wise and change for the goodness of ourselves by embracing good things maybe it will last or it's just for a while. But let us always have a positive mind towards things we come across.

God bless us all!


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