Ademowore Adetola
The news about MMM have been on rampage, flying up and down and published by Nigerian news papers on the 9th of November, 2016 that House of Representative met and their agenda was how security agencies (EFCC) will arrest "Movrodi Mondail Moneybox" popularly known as MMM promoters.

House of Rep described the scheme as a "scam" and warned Nigerians not to be carried away by the "mouth-watering" returns on investments.

The house directed EFCC, other security agencies and CBN to take urgent steps to halt the scheme before many Nigerians would become victims of the scam.

Dear House of Rep., with due respect sir / ma, this program (scheme) called MMM is not an investment company as you people have called it. This is a community or ordinary people, selflessly helping each other. The goal of the platform is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world's unjust financial system and hardship you Government are making us pass through.

You people at the top and in power calling your self our leaders because we Nigerians know we have no leaders, have really failed us and you keep failing us every day. This is a community platform that have been designed for we masses to help each other, not to do business and we are really relief of poverty with the 30% we collect on our spared money at the end of 30days.

Yes we may not be bellyful but at list we are not hungry again the way you people have been making us hungry.

Why are you having meeting against masses happiness after-all you people are enjoying and training your family with our money and we can fight for ourselves but remember, there is God oh!

How is MMM affecting you at the top? Or is it because you people are unable to collect Tax and VAT from them that's why you're beefing them and we that are doing it?

So you people have seen that Nigerians that are coming to you for help and assistant, money, food, shelter and jobs have reduced that's why you're not happy again. Be inform that Nigerians are getting wise every day and God is guiding and protecting us.

You gather together t do meeting about MMM and you'll still collect allowance for seating when so many issues are there for you to help us look into and ways out of it.

Issues like;

- Education

- Economy

- Roads

- Shelter for masses

- Electricity

- Job for for the youths ( Leaders of tomorrow ) and so on but no, you are not doing that. If the country economy is good, who will be looking for short cut to make money or to be happy?

Different types of lottery are in the country collecting people's money any how, notting have been done about it just because you looked at it that people are playing it at their own risk. Please, same thing applies to MMM, people are putting their money there to help others since we have no one to help us.

Electricity will give me light for just 15 minute to 30 minute in a day and at the end of the month they will bring bill of N10,000 up ward, what have government done about it please? Notting can be done about it because it's their own.

About our network operators, one will load Some amount of credit on the phone and the credit will just be disappearing without using it for any thing or in a case where by you send messages to to people, the messages will not be delivered and still you will be charged or a case whereby they just activate you for what you didn't request for it and they do remove your credit. Please what have government done about it?

What have been done about banks that you will take your own money there to save and they will still charge you for some amount of money which they call "stamp duty" and at the end of the day  they will still use our money for business and make profits from our money but give us kobo as interest at the end of the month, what have government done?

In Nigeria, we are very wise now and use our own money the way we want it not your own money. Even our own money in government purse is been called national cake and can be eaten by them at any time without even accounting for it.

So many billions of naira have been recovered from looters but wasn't used to reform the nation's economy. Only late Abacha's loot can do a lot and go a long way by using it to reform and restructure our country.

Landlords and landladies are there making life miserable for the tenant, saying after all it's their own money they use in building their house but still government is not helping the masse at all.

A very big thank you to the formal Head of State then, the person of "Mr Jakande" who helped masses then with the estate he built. Am so happy that my parent benefited from it and many people at a very low and cheap amount of money. He even helped his staffs then by borrowing them some amount of money to be able to secure a flat then. God will continue to bless you and you family.

So many graduates out there seeking for jobs but no way out, politicians keep putting their family and their love one there, how do you want the graduates to survive?

Pls leave us with our MMM as they make us smile and happy always and you people should just continue spending the nation's money any how. The Holy Bible says "Behold, I come quickly and my rewards are with me to pay everyone as they have worked" says the Lord God!

Mavrodians, with MMM, we'll change the world.


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