Natural Ways To Heal Asthma

Asthma is one of the leading chronic inflammatory disease that makes the bronchial tubes (airways) sensitive to irritation.
The tightening of the smooth muscles in the bronchial tubes produce excess muscle that prevent air from passing out of the lungs.

This often reduces the Oxygen in the blood thereby making the patients gaps for air, wheel and cough.

Trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing, chest pain and cheat tightness.

Inhale can be used to revive an asthmatic patient. But this far ever centuries has not yielded much result as regard the treatment.
If you use inhaler more than twice a week, it may worsen the situation and so you will need alternative medication.
(1) Collect the white fluid from snail, mix the fluid with honey to form syrup. Dosage 3 spoons 3 times daily.
(2) Get the seed of Mango, break 4 and dry the white nut inside with sun/grid and mix with honey or water. Dosage: A glass short 3 times daily.
(3) Get some quantity of derived pawpaw leaves and inhale when suffering attack.
(4) Boil one tea spoon of pure honey with one tea spoon of Olive oil, half a cup of milk and some garlic and life tea, take half glass of this mixture everyday to cure Asthma. An asthma patient should avoid milk or any kind of milk products as these cause phlegm and lead to congestion in the lung.

By Sunny Ojeiduma



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