I’m not a nonentity as your abominable mother made you believe – Oduah’s estranged husband replies son

The estranged husband of the former Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah – Lieutenant Colonel Satchie Ayomike Etoromi (rtd.), has responded to the rant by his son, Tuoyo Etoromi Oduah.
It would be recalled that Etoromi, after his son’s death had said: “I read about the death of my son in the newspaper, I was not informed by Stella that my son that was delivered on 14th March, 1988, in St. Mary`s Hospital, Ugboroke, Warri, is dead. So, I have sent a letter calling Stella, my ex-wife, to bring my son, who was under her custody, to me for burial in Warri.
“Till now, Stella has not told me my son in her custody is dead,” he had said.
But reacting to this, his son, Tuoyo said he would rather be a bastard than to be called his father’s son.
Tuoyo had, in a letter to his father, a copy of which was made available to newsmen, disowned his father, insisting that his father was seeking cheap publicity over his claims.
But the retired Army officer has fired back at his son, imploring him to retrace his steps and not allow himself to be used by his mother.

He also urged appropriate security agencies to help in investigating the death of his son, as he suspects foul play.
In a statement, Chief Etoromi told his son: “Eyituoyo my son, they have misled you.
“When Omabuwa came home last year, Stella, your mother told me to call you to come home. She gave me your phone number. She said you were in the United States of America and don’t answer calls.
“All calls to that your phone were not answered. I believe Omabuwa was killed, that is why Stella refused to tell me. The stories about how Stella took you away need not be told now. The grief that my son, Omabuwa, who was contacted by your junior sister, Valentina Omawumi Etoromi, and who came home, is dead is too much a pain for me now.
“Stella should bring our kids home. I want to bury Omabuwa who is now late, and you my lovely son, Eyituoyo should come home.
“I married Stella traditionally and under Ibo marriage law, every child she has before my dowry is returned belongs to me. It is Stella and not yourself who should tell me that my son, Omabuwa, your senior brother is dead.
“You said you offered flight tickets and accommodation to attend the burial and funeral of my son. Burial where? Do you have flight infrastructure at Akili Ozizor now? Is it Ibo culture for a woman whose dowry was paid to take her children’s corpse to her home town? That is an abomination from an abominable person. The controversies surrounding Omabuwa’s death will be investigated.
“My son, do not allow yourself to be dragged into what you do not have knowledge. Could it be that Omabuwa was killed because he came home? This is not the time to talk. May the Almighty God grant us His mercies, show us light that will make us know the truth. Amen.
“Eyituoyo, I am not Mr. Satchie Etoromi. I was commissioned into the Nigerian Army and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before Stella came into my life. I was also conferred with a chieftaincy title when she was with me. It is a pity that you were not told my status in life. You will know I am not a nonentity as you were made to believe.
“My marriage with Stella was not short. She moved out of our home 19 years ago and so her telling you she divorced me 30 years ago is another big lie. How old are you? So why did she tell you all these lies? I am an incorruptible and disciplined officer and gentleman and you shall be proud that my blood flows in your veins when the truth becomes public knowledge.
“I was a polygamous man before Stella married me. I married many wives and it is a custom of our people.
“His Royal Highness, Igwe Oduah 1 of blessed memory had many wives too, so what did I do wrong? When Stella took you and everything away, in humility I prayed for the Almighty God’s mercy.
“Must she not do the needful and bring you to me? The Almighty God shall judge. I am your father. Bring Omabuwa home and come with him. I am not threatening you nor your mother.
“May the Almighty God bless you my son. All will be well,” the retired Army officer added.

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