Family trend deals (Movie)

Family trend deals with some ups and downs in homes and corporate world. Also,on how to curb, train and establish so many young people wasting their youthful time on irrelevances under the excuse “NO JOB  and BOY MUST SURVIVE.”
It’s about the family of Mr. Williams who is the CEO of Techsoft Investment Limited. He is successfully married with two full grown guys and his wife is also a successful business woman.

His children has different perspective to life and livelihood, as against Mr. Williams’s desire to have them taking over his business empire in the nearest future.

He mentored them but to no avail, coupled with his gateman’s (Mr. Saliu) lackadaisical attitude to almost everything in life. His wife always complain about so many things, including his irresponsibility towards their feeding in the house but Mr. Saliu as a selfish man that he is, his main reason for such behavior is that his wife doesn’t always allow him to satisfy himself sexually, despite his age.

So, that led him to be patronizing prostitute which brought shame to him at his place of work.

Chidi’s family is such an unfortunate one based on the level of their poverty. He goes miles to source for what to do in other to bring food to the table of his family as the first born after the death of their father, and to sponsor his younger sister through secondary school.

Getting a job as a graduate was like passing through hell. One day,heaven smiled on Chidi when he got connected to Techsoft Investment,and he was employed, but on three months probation till things started getting tangled for him as a new staff.

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