#savemayowa: We won’t stop raising money, say entertainers

Last Monday, popular actress, Toyin Aimakhu posted a video on her Instagram asking people to help raise fund for  cancer patient, Mayowa Ahmed.
She contacted some of her colleagues and they spoke with one voice. They were all over social media begging people to donate whatever they could. In a rare display of compassion and solidarity by Nigerians,  over N32m was raised.
However, the joy that followed was cut short when news filtered into town that the fundraising was not transparent leading to the involvement of the police.

Some of the celebs involved spoke to Sunday Scoop and said the controversy would not stop them from raising money for others in similar situation.
Actress Kate Henshaw, said the development would not stop her from helping those in need. “I will continue raise money for those who need it. I am dealing with a case already and  I will not stop. Can one apple spoil the whole bunch?

For instance, a case I am dealing with, Michael (another Nigerian Kate helped raised money for), we are transparent and holding a press conference to keep people updated,” she said.
Another actress, Mercy Aigbe, said she would not desist from assisting those in need adding that such a process must be transparent. “It won’t stop me from helping others. As known faces, we need to be careful before we get involved in anything.

We need to do a background check and other necessary things. People should not be in a hurry to castigate Toyin because  she had no sinister motive when she decided to champion the cause. I got involved because of her; I don’t know what the true state is now. It is just unfortunate, but it won’t stop me from helping people when I can,” she said.



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