Fuel price increase: Increase minimum wage, Murray-Bruce tells Buhari

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has called on President Buhari to either increase minimum wage for workers or excuse them from paying tax to cushion the effects of the recent fuel price hike.
Murray-Bruce made the appeal via tweeter late Thursday night.
“I appeal to @MBuhari to consider the immense suffering in Nigeria and increase minimum wage to help workers cope with increased fuel price,” he tweeted.

“Either @Mbuhari increases the minimum wage to help masses cope with increased fuel price or he should allow minimum wage earners pay no tax.”
He justified the call for minimum wage increase, saying the President and his cabinet, don’t buy fuel with their money, yet earn more than minimum wage workers who do.
He accused the government of first reneging on its promise ₦5000 allowance to poor Nigerians and further adding to the suffering by increasing the fuel price.


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