Narrow escape at Lagos State Secretariat

God have been so wonderful to the Lagos State Ministry of Health, Alausa Ikeja.

There have been so much awareness and Information to the residents of Lagos State generally concerning the heavy downpour with storm that may happen this year.

Sign of such occur on the 15th of April 2016 over night when a very serious breeze blew off the roof of some part of Lagos State Ministry of Health, Alausa.

It's a very big praise, grace and Thanksgiving to God for making it happen over the night to guide against loose of life and casualty.

The breeze carried the roof, throw some part of it to the front building and threw some other part of it to the compound of the Government cafeteria popularly called "suya spot" where plenty people always sit to eat. Foods like suya, small chops, snacks, soft drinks and other things like that.

So many things like files, documents, laptops, desktop, furniture and so many things got spoilt and damage.

If it was during the day that this happened, only God knows how many casualty that would have been rushed.

LASEMA and Ministry of Works have been there to see the damages.

This is a very strong advice to the people of Lagos, let's be vigilant and let not block all drainage by throwing dirty things in it.


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