Kanye West offered job at Pizza hut to pay off his debt

Hahaha! Kanye West won’t hear the last of this his $53million debt payment. Hours after getting a Gofundme page opened for him, Kanye West has now been offered a job at Pizza outlet known as Pizza Hut in order to help him earn money to pay off his debt.

Responding to Kanye’s plaintive cry for funds, someone on Pizza Hut’s social media team grew a heart, grew it three times bigger, and then, hopefully after consulting with a local store’s hiring manager, put out a response to Kanye, offering the (professionally) destitute artist a way to make some of that dough while literally making dough (and covering that dough with the highest-quality ingredients that money can buy).

Will Kanye take the job? Only time will tell. Can’t wait to see how he responds and revolutionizes their stuffed-crust pizza!


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