Nigerians shouldn’t be suffering

A professor of History and Strategic Studies at the University of Lagos, Prof. Lawal Adebayo, says Nigerians do not deserve to suffer.
Adebayo, who was the chief speaker at a symposium tagged, ‘Fighting corruption to enhance good governance in Nigeria,’ said corruption was the only reason most Nigerians were suffering.
At the event which took place in Lagos, Adebayo said corruption had been in Nigeria for a long time and only a few Nigerians were siphoning the country’s resources.

“Corruption has been in Nigeria even before colonisation and only a few people are destroying the image and future of Nigeria, but believe me, it takes cooperation to delete corruption from Nigeria.”

He added that even though corruption “is a cancerous disease that has eaten up the Nigerian economy,” greed and lack of continuity of good projects of the government in power could also lead to corruption.
Also speaking, a media consultant, Mr. Tunde Temionu, said, “When one reflects on the beginning of corruption, it leaves one with a series of unanswered questions like ‘is it possible for a man to liberate himself from corruption?’”
He added, “The genesis of corruption makes you ask questions you might not find answers to; it also leaves you with a thought; if one can be liberated from corruption.”
Temionu urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to relent in his fight against graft.
He said, “Corruption is a destructive spirit to human beings, this regime must not fail in fighting it otherwise, corruption might not be able to be dealt with because if it is left to wax stronger, it will gain the upper hand and destroys us all.”



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