Pocket picker caught at Oshodi

It was around 7:10am this Wednesday 9th December 2015 at Oshodi, I just saw this Mopol grabbed an area boy very close to Heritage Bank at Oshodi and dragged him down to the bank gate, started slapping, hitting & beating him.

But as the area boy was been beating, all he was shouting is that he has not done anything, but he's standing there waiting for his boss.

After beating him for some minutes, the Mopol searched the area boy from head to toe. After searching, he continued with the beating and later let him go.

I find out what really happened within that few minutes? I was told the Mopol sighted him trying to pick pocket.

Thank God for Lagos State Government (Fashola Regime) that deployed Task Force to Oshodi from morning till late in the evening to stop all kinds of bad attitude and evil behaviours of area guys with the citizens like, snatching people's phones and bags, picking pockets, robbing and even rapping of women.

Report: Elastic (Iwitness)


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