Pastor chains addicts!

RAPHAEL Mchunu is known for saving nyaope sufferers from their addiction hell. 
But Mchunu takes tough love to a new level. 
Raphael (40) of St John’s Apostolic Mission Church in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni uses unusual methods to rid people of nyaope, crystal meth, cocaine and other drugs.

“I take in addicts, pray for them,teach them about God, and then I chain them by the ankles. I don’t charge them.

They’re only required to bring money for food,” he said.

“We live by holy water and prayer.” 
Raphael said he had a dream in 2004 where the archbishop of his church threw chains at him.

“I was a food service official at Far East Rand Hospital at the time. The archbishop told me I should help the nation,” he said.

Raphael said that in 2012 he finally accepted his calling.

“I decided to resign after my house, car and furniture were destroyed by a mysterious fire.”

He said his own children were the first of his patients to be chained and since then he has helped more than 70 drug addicts.

The patients live in his yard where the church is located.

“When parents bring their children they bring their own chains. The patients allow themselves to be chained,” he said.

“The demons inside the patient want them to escape. That’s why chains are so important.”

At the moment there are 10 patients at the church. 
Sphiwe Nkosi (22) came in on Wednesday. He has been smoking nyaope for two years.

“My family saw how I was behaving,” said Sphiwe.

“The community wanted to kill me because I stole to support my addiction. I came willingly,” he said.

Daniel Mothibe (38) said he has been clean since May.

“I came here and agreed to be put in chains because it’s not easy to fight addiction.

“The chains help when I try and fight the treatment,” he said.

Phozisiwe Walaza (19) has been at the church for nine weeks.

“I’ve been on crystal meth, heroin and cocaine for six years.

“I came from the Eastern Cape. I agreed to be chained,” she said.

“Now I no longer crave for drugs. I was taught to love and care for people who are also addicts.”

Nokuthula Walaza (30), Phozisiwe’s sister, said she wasn’t happy about the chains on Phozisiwe’s ankles.

“The pastor told me the demons that make them take drugs want them to run away,” she said.

“I was told it was the law of the church so I had no choice but to allow Phozisiwe to be chained,” she said.

Source: Daily Sun


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