Lastma still need to be well trained.

On Friday afternoon 21st November, 2015 around 13:05GMT, on my way to Surulere from Lagos Island with some of my boss, I decided to follow Adekunle road, via 3rd Maryland bridge.

Getting to Adekunle road, opposite Adekunle Police Station on the other side of the road going to 3rd Maryland bridge, I saw this drama on the middle of the road, two Lastma officers beating and blowing a commercial driver like a thief.
One on the driver side and the other at the other side of the passenger.
I have to park, came down, and firstly I have to take their pictures.

After taking some pictures, one of the Lastma officer the one on the driver side asked me if I have finished taking the pics even without knowing who I am, I answered yes, he said I should come closer, I went to him and asked him why they are beating this driver like a goat?

He answered me and said he did not closed his door while on motion, he was stopped but he didn't answer them.

He said they have to go after him till he was been caught there as there was little traffic there.

I now told the the Lastma officer, that you yourself know most of this commercial drivers are illiterate and act like animals sometimes.

But you are educated and a trained officer, you should know the way and manner on how to get them arrested instead of fighting them like a taut.

I experience almost same thing too in this week, I think on Tuesday or Wednesday, can't really remember. I board a commercial bus, yellow color from Iyana Ipaja to Ikeja inside.

I was sitting in front. Getting to Ikeja inside in front of the traffic light at Lasuth, the driver was about to do U-turn so he can face medical road.

Two Lastma officer approach him and told him to park, the driver asked why and at the same time he kept moving. One of the Lastma officer at the side of the driver just held the bus side mirror, broke it and took it away.

I came down of the bus because I have gotten to my last bus stop so I went to approach one of there boss on ground there while his boys have acted that way.

He said they have been trying to arrest the driver since days now but they weren't able to. So I told him they should have a best way of getting and arresting them instead of doing that way.

I told The Boss that damaging or distorting people bus doesn't mean they are working but they are spoiling their name.

Pls government need to really train this people very well so they will work like a normal and well trained personnel in the community.

Reporting: Elastic (Eye Witness)


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