Japan issues first same-sex union certificate to female couple

Two women, Koyuki Higashi, a Japanese model and television personality cum Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, LGBT, activist and her partner of four years, Hiroko Matsuhara, over the weekend, made history in Tokyo as the first
same-sex couple ever to walk through the Shibuya ward office doors carrying Japan’s first-ever certificate recognizing a same sex union.

According to the law binding the certificate, applicants must be at least 20 and fill out a notarized document promising to protect each other and live together with trust and love.

The ‘couple’ who fell in love and moved in together four years ago, are the first same-sex couple in Japan to have their relationship recognized by a local government, CNN reports.

The LGBT activist when asked how she felt over the legalized union, expressed her joy, saying:

“I’m so happy. When they gave us the certificate, I cried. Our friends cried,” Higashi said.

By: Danielle Ogbeche


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