Indian villagers worship newly built toilet instead of using it

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims 100% success in eradication of open defecation under Sawach Bharat (Clean India) campaign.
Against a target of about six million toilets in rural areas, he claims construction of about nine million in one year.

The irony is, rural people in the country are worshiping these newly constructed toilets instead of using them.

According to popular media reports, this happened in one of the deeply rural areas of India. The residents inaugurated a newly built toilet by performing proper ritual worship ceremony.

A plate was placed on the ground, in front of the toilet filled with a cup of vermilion, and a glass full of milk as another offering.

The toilet seat and floor of toilet was covered with flowers, while coconut and bananas were offered to the god of toilets.

Social media users across the world have frowned at this development which is being described as primitive.


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