Boko Haram will bomb churches, other places in Abuja – Prophet

Prophet Victor Ajibishe of Solid Mountain Prayer Ministry (SMPM) in Abuja, has predicted more Boko Haram bombings in the nation’s capital.
Speaking during yesterday’s Sunday service, Prophet Ajibishe said the revelation he saw shows that the next blast would occur in the central areas of Abuja.

“It might likely be more than two places in the central areas of the metropolis. It might extend to four places, and it is certain that it would occur.”

He stated that the Boko Haram are targetting Churches of some famous pastors who are speaking against their evil acts.

“The attack will affect the pastor’s church. They will bomb big churches in Abuja, and the explosion would really make a lot of people cry because the loss would be much,” Ajibishe said.

He reminded the congregation that his prophecy had come to pass about another bomb blast in Nyanya, of which he recalled he told them about two months ago.

“I told us there would be blast on the outskirt of Abuja very soon and it happened. So, anybody should not doubt this prophecy.

It will happen. Anything God shows me, it comes to pass.”

The cleric urged Nigerians to pray to avert the death of their loved ones in the impending bomb blast attack prophesied to occur soon.

“That is the reason why we must pray. It will happen certainly, but you have to pray so that your family members and loved ones will escape death,” he said.

Ajibishe prayed for the souls of those killed in the Nyanya and Kuje blasts as well as the injured.

By: Wale Odunsi
Source: Dailypost


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