Ooni: Ogboru, Giesi clash over kingmakers decision

The Ogboru Ruling House of Ife has clashed with the Giesi Ruling House over the declaration of the Ife kingmakers to use rotational order contained in Ife Cheiftaincy Declaration of 1980 to select the next Ooni of Ife.
The Spokesperson for the Ooni-Ilare Ruling Family of the Ogboru Dynasty, Prince Adekunle Adetogun, in a statement made available to our correspondent via email on Wednesday rejected the 1980 document which the kingmakers said they relied upon to narrow down the selection process to the Giesi.

The Ogboru family said the contest to select the next monarch for the town should be thrown open among the four ruling houses.

Adetogun said, “Ife Chieftaincy Declaration of 1980 technically throws open the contest for filling the stool of Ooni. The provision in paragraph six of 1980 Chieftaincy Declaration had cancelled the provision in paragraph five of Ife Chieftaincy Declaration of 1957,” therefore, the issue of rotation should not come in.

“Obalufe, in consultation with the chiefs of the right (known as the ‘Outer Chiefs’) and Lowa in consultation with the chiefs of the left (called the ‘Inner Chiefs’) should respect tradition in the selection of Ooni by inviting the four ruling houses to present candidates and forward their names to Ile Oodua whose duty is to transparently consult the Ifa Oracle that will select one of the candidates as the Ooni elect as it was done from time immemorial.”

The head of the family, Prince Lawrence Adekoyejo, said the sole contestant from the Ruling House, Prince  Adewuyi Adetogun, had submitted his letter of intention to the kingmakers.

But the Giesi has described the decision of the kingmakers to use the 1980 documents as fair and just.

One of the contestants from the Giesi family, who is also the  Laroka of Wanikin-Ife, Oba Kole Ojutalayo, when contacted on the telephone by our correspondent lauded the kingmakers’ decision.

He said some people who wanted to smuggle themselves into the queue would definitely want say anything to suit themselves.

Ojutalayo said, ” Those who are saying that the contest should be thrown open now know that it is not possible. There is order at the Source.
“There are rascals who will shout from the rooftop but they should be disregarded. They are toothless bulldogs. Giesi will produce the next Ooni by the grace of God.”

Ojutalayo said the chairman of Ife East Local Government Area, Tajudeen Lawal, on Wednesday presented the letter of invitation to the ruling house to forward name(s) of their candidate(s) to the kingmakers for consideration.

He said the presentation was done at Akodi Agbedegbede (family compound) and all princes of the family were present.
Ojutalayo said the leader of the family, Prof. Adeyemi Aderibigbe, thanked the council boss and promised that the family would follow the procedure in presenting candidate(s) to the kingmakers.

Also, one of the  contestants from the Giesi family, Prince Sikiru Ayedun, lauded the kingmakers for standing by the truth.

Ayedun, who is the immediate past Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Osun State, said this in a statement made available to our corespondent on Wednesday.

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