When couples met on money matters in Lagos

EVERY human being understands that a prosperous, organized and morally balanced society is hinged on a good home. Unfortunately however, this often becomes a dream when marriages are in disarray.

The need for peace in marriages and by extension the society is perhaps the reason Mrs. Tinuola Agbabiaka, a lawyer cum relationship expert, through her non-governmental organization, Practical Christian Living Initiative (PCLI), recently hosted a special time-out for couples in Lagos, where issues relating to ‘love of money and finance in marriage’ were recently discussed.

In his welcome speech, chief host of the occasion, Mr. Oriyomi Agbabiaka, explained that many marriages had crashed because of the inability of partners to have a workable understanding about finance and other thorny issues, but PCLI, a peace-loving organization, in the past nine years, had been impacting relationships and helping couples to build wholesome unions.

The event, which was attended by over 50 couples from different parts of the country, came to a high point, when the convener, Tinuola Agbabiaka, in her presentation, urged couples to work as team-mates because this will not only strengthen their union, but also make couples committed to each other’s overall growth.

While delivering a talk on money tips, she emphasized honesty and transparency as important factors couples must imbibe in managing the economy of their homes. She also enjoined them to have money talk time, noting that it was a prerequisite for financial prosperity in marriage.

She advised: “Don’t go into debts without your spouse’s knowledge. It is very important for you to have your facts ready before calling for a meeting.   During such meetings, talk about long and short term goals and responsibilities. Have your figures right and don’t hide things. Create plans and agree on money. It is also very important to understand different views on money.”

She went on: “There are too many liars as couples. The funny thing is that you can’t get away with it because your spouse eventually finds out. Don’t go into debt without your partner’s knowledge or consent.   Don’t hide your pay slip. Don’t hide things; remember that lie begets lie.”

“Be prepared to make sacrifices. Understand that men and women have different use when it comes to money. For men, money is like a scorecard and not having it is like failure; it makes them less of a man. Women on the other hand see money as security, they believe that with money, their children’s future is secured,” she added.

Guest speaker at the occasion, Albert Oluwole, enjoined couples to guard their finances jealously and prevent it from affecting their sex life. While highlighting importance of fidelity, honesty, righteousness and mutual trust in marriage, he encouraged couples to have financial plan that respects 5s: “Sow, settle debts, spend, save and spare,” Oluwole opined.

Of course it was not just a talk-affair as couples present prayed, danced, sang God’s praises, ate and laughed together. Prayers were also offered for ailing marriages. Couples present also took part in couple’s dance. The best dancing couple was presented with gifts. The event began earlier in the day when the NGO hosted a special men’s summit tagged, ‘A man worthy of respect’.


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