Comments, queries for CBN and banks on BVN

CBN Governor

The two series article titled, BVN Enrolment: Facts behind the extension of deadline, generated several comments and questions from readers, especially online readers. Some of the questions are directed to the Central Bank of Nigeria, while others are to the banks. Some of them are presented hereby presented.

CBN Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele
“My name is Ayodele, living in Abuja, I have done my own since last year. I couldn’t get my BVN number. When I visit Access bank, they were told me they can’t find my BVN record. I don’t know what to do now. The authority in-charge should please assist me “ (Ayodele, Abuja).
“I still submit that fixing deadline for this exercise is not right. One should be free to do so when he or she comes to the bank.” (Peter Esinwoke Omelazu)
“No bank has any right to bar anyone from his or her account. A defaulting customer can only be barred from certain privileges but never from assessing his or her account entirely.” (Sunday 322)
“What happens to customers in the Diaspora? Should a customer pay 300,000 for return ticket just to verify 150,000 in his account? Should students in China come home to be verified for an account that has N50,000? What happens to customers who are bedridden and can’t make it? Will they be barred from accessing their account to pay for medication? This whole thing is hogwash. Customers should be allowed to enrol at their discretion or when they come to the bank. BVN should be a continuous process. No time frame… Gbam!!! (Whentong)
“Why is nobody talking about Nigerians in the diaspora who have accounts in these banks? You don’t expect them to come all the way because of this exercise.” (Unite 2013)
“If you are in Diaspora, send someone to the bank to inform them. They will upgrade your account to a Diaspora account and it will not require BVN until further instructions from CBN.” (Preye Kenneth)
“Banks has no right to refuse me  access to my bank account on this condition.
CBN should stop this military approach and the governor should respect the right of the citizen.” (Vision Time).
“Thanks a lot for your write up on the above subject matter. However, I missed the numerous benefits you pointed out the banks and the economy stand to gain from the BVN enrolment exercise. May be the enlightenment on these benefits were made to those that work in the banks in Nigeria, because I cannot remember reading them in the paper. You may have assumed that everybody knows the benefits. I do not know the benefits and I will be happy to know them.
Could you, as a way to help me understand, send me those numerous benefits that banks and the economy will gain from the enrolment exercise? Could you also send me what customers like you and I will benefit from this exercise.”(Charles Anowai)
“Thank you for your write-up on the above subject-matter. However, you did not mention how even the extension can affect Nigerians in Diaspora. More so, not every one of them who own accounts in Nigerian banks could be opportuned to come to Nigeria within the stipulated period.
My problem with most policies enunciated is execution. One, there won’t be enough publicity. Two, most Nigerian bankers lack customer service because they see themselves as bosses to those who own accounts in their banks. I’ll be grateful, if you could please enlighten Nigerians in Diaspora on how it affects them.”  (Akinola Alli, United Kingdom). Send comments and enquiries to

Report By,
Babajide Komolafe


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