Confusion Over Reported Death Of Jonathan's Son

In the past few days, the photo of this young man, Ibime Belema-Jonathan, has been viral on the social medial ‎with him claiming to be President Goodluck Jonathan's illegitimate son.
According to the reports, the 24-year-old guy believes he is one of the president's sons born outside wedlock and the photo that has been passed around speaks of a striking resemblance with the Nigerian leader and with the explanation that follows, one may not need to look too far to see that there may be some truth in it.
Though the President's spokesperson, Dr Rueben Abati has come out to state that the allegation is false, many think there could be a truth in the claim of the young man.
This is how it a Twitter user, @Abiyamo, put it:
"According to Belema-Jonathan, his mother ‎was a receptionist in a Port Harcourt hotel (which shall remain undisclosed) when she met Goodluck nearly 25 years ago. Their relationship was made private because of the risks it posed to Goodluck's then fledgling political career.
He has decided to disclose this information after recently being informed by his mother, who had just passed away. It is his desire for his father to assume and fulfill his fatherly duties after a lifetime of absence."‎
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