Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A porcupine meal makes for a very bad python day

Park rangers found a 30-pound porcupine inside the African Rock Python
The snake's death may be down to a combination of what it ate and stress from human interaction
(CNN)A huge snake's big meal in South Africa has turned out to be its last.

After the death of a 12-foot-long African Rock Python, park rangers opened its stomach. Inside they found a 30-pound porcupine.

Its needle-sharp quills seem to have punctured the snake's digestive tract and may have contributed to its death.
The engorged snake was first spotted by a mountain biker in the Lake Eland Game Reserve, about 100 miles south of Durban, two weeks ago.

Visitors showed up at the park to observe the snake and to speculate what it had eaten. On its Facebook page, the Game Reserve had its own guesses: a small warthog or impala calf.

When the snake died last week, curious park rangers performed a necropsy, or autopsy, on the animal.

Though the exact cause of death is unknown, spectators and the porcupine may be to blame.

"With all the human interaction, this could have caused stress and the python would then regurgitate the meal up with all the quills causing a problem," said game reserve manager Jennifer Fuller.

Pythons, which are some of the largest snakes in the world, kill their prey by constriction.

Some species are known to eat animals as large as antelope or deer. Their prey is swallowed whole and may take days or weeks to digest fully.

Fishermen spy great white shark feasting on a whale

CNN's Christabelle Fombu and Brian Walker contributed to this report.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Man Drops His Car At A Carwash In Abuja, What He Returns To See Is Shocking

According to a report on Nairaland Forum, a man dropped his car at a car wash in Abuja and left.The boy washing the car heard the Environmental task force officers were heading in his direction,in order to avoid getting caught by the task force officials, he decided to run off by driving the car .He them rammed into a tree and a fence,severely damaging the car..

The owner came to pick up his car and met this. What would you do if it happens to you?

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BREAKING: Buhari dissolves NNPC board

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the immediate dissolution of the board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.
The decision was conveyed in a letter, dated June 26, 2015, signed by the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Danladi Kifasi.
The letter quoted President Buhari as thanking members of the dissolved board for their services to the nation.
The NNPC is the state-run oil company which oversees Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. It’s board is statutorily headed by the minister of petroleum resources.
The corporation regulates the oil and gas sector, and also operates as a joint venture partner representing the government in deals with oil multinationals.
The NNPC has in recent years been accused of large scale corruption, the latest being the alleged disappearance of $20 billion oil money.
An independent audit ordered by the Nigerian government in 2014 concluded that the corporation has an outstanding $1.48 billion to pay to the government.
The NNPC has yet to make the payment several months after the release of the audit report.

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The Chinese firm that can build a skyscraper in a matter of weeks

CNN)At the beginning of February, construction workers gathered at a sparse building site in the city of Changsha, south-central China.
A little under three weeks later, a 57-story skyscraper stood on the very same the spot.
The "Mini Sky City" tower is the work of Broad Sustainable Building, a Chinese firm that specializes in prefabricated construction.
By preparing more than 2,700 modules in a factory for four months before site work began, BSB says it was able to assemble the structure at the rate of three stories per day -- like a giant vertical jigsaw pieced together from a minutely detailed set of instructions.
A timelapse video of construction went viral on Chinese websites before finding its way onto many western news sites and broadcast media at the beginning of May.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

20 year old lady led Ikorodu bank robbery

The two banks, Zenith and First Bank attacked in Ikorodu on Wednesday

A young lady said to be about 20 years old led the Rambo- style robbery of two banks in Ikorodu town, West of Lagos State, Nigeria yesterday.

About 16 bandits were said to have been involved in the attacks at about 9 a.m that affected Zenith and First Bank branches at Ebute-Ipakodo area of the industrial town.

At least N100million was carted away by the robbers, with Zenith alone losing no less than N80 million.

Although a police station was located opposite one of the banks, there was no policeman in sight to challenge the robbers.

Also missing in action were naval policemen usually available at the jetty nearby. The the robbers escaped with their loot, by boat and used the jetty to board the boat.

The dare-devilry of the attacks on the two banks had similarity with another robbery at Lekki Phase One in Lagos on 12 March. The robbers who assaulted First City Monument Bank, escaped through the lagoon.

Four persons, including a teenage apprentice vulcaniser, simply identified as Rilwan, were injured by the robbers in Ikorodu.

According to a Punch online report, they were said to have opened fire at the Ipakodo police station to scare the officers, after which they proceeded with their operation.

The robbers used dynamite to shatter the rotor doors of the two banks to gain entrance and order members of staff and their customers to lie down.

It was gathered that some of the gunmen were outside the banks firing into the air for over an hour.

Some security operatives, comprising policemen and soldiers, arrived the area around 1.30pm, at least three hours after the robbers had fled.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Government has urged residents of the state not to panic as the Governor Akinwumi Ambode’s administration will crush and flush out robbery in the State.

Secretary to the State Government, Tunji Bello said there was no need to panic as the robbers only capitalised on the transition period to wreak havoc.

“This is a transition period, look at Boko Haram, they have come back because it is transition period. The RRS new boss just resumed, some people are just exploiting that period to get something on time. 

“There is nothing to panic about, we will respond, don’t worry, we will respond very well, so I am not afraid, they are just exploiting the transition period, it is not just in Lagos, it is every where, we will respond appropriately and there is nothing to worry about,” he assured.

But residents of Ikorodu have a different idea. They want the police in Ikorodu to live up to their responsibilities.

The residents said instead of doing what they were employed for, the police go about looking for young boys carrying bags to harass and arrest them indiscriminately just to extort money from them.

Agubuto, an angry commentator in one of the online news portals, wondered why the police are always found wanting whenever incident like this happens.

“Where was Nigeria Police Force then? Are they not there at Ikorodu? The next thing they will do is to run to the street and start arresting innocent citizens and collecting money from them before giving them bail. This is just too said,” he said.

Also reacting to the robbery attack, the police on its Twitter handle, @PoliceNG said: “Our officers are responding to armed robbery at Ikorodu, Lagos. Citizens are advised to stay off vicinity; Lagos now secured after our officers responded to bank robbery this morning. Police units remain on ground.”

Heavily armed robbers had also on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 laid siege to three banks in Ikorodu town in Lagos. According to eyewitnesses, the deadly raids were coordinated by a woman who was seen giving orders to her gang members during the raid.

The attacks led to the death of two persons and an unspecified amount of money running into millions of naira carted away from the banks.

Those who witnessed the raids say the woman who wore army camouflage carried two guns and stood at the front of the gang, directing them into the banks and was also the one who fired intermittently in the air to scare away people.

It was gathered that the robbers snatched two vehicles, including a Lexus Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and drove towards Ijede, a remote part of the town, after the operation.

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'Miracle' mother and baby survive Colombia plane crash

Yudier Moreno, not yet one year old, was uninjured in the accident, while his mother had wounds and minor burns [EPA]

A mother and her infant son who disappeared in a plane crash in the dense jungle of western Colombia have been found alive and well five days later in what authorities have described as a "miracle".
Nelly Murillo, 18, and her son Yudier Moreno, not yet one year old, were found on Wednesday close to the site where the Cessna 303 crashed on Saturday in thick vegetation near Quibdo in the province of Choco.

"It's a miracle. It is a very wild area and it was a catastrophic accident," Colonel Hector Carrascal, the commander of the Colombian air force in Antioquia, told AFP news agency.
"His mother's spirit must have given him strength to survive."
Murillo and her baby were taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, said Carrascal, adding that he was stunned they were alive.
"The lady has wounds and minor burns and apparently the child is unharmed," the Colombian air force said in a statement.
The plane's pilot, Captain Carlos Mario Ceballos, died in the crash and rescuers found his body in the aircraft.
They discovered the doors of the plane ajar and suspected that survivors may have clambered out.
A 14-person search-and-rescue team scoured the dense forest before finding the mother and child.
The plane was travelling between Nuqui and Quibdo in western Colombia when it crashed.
Investigators were looking at the cause.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Syria: ISIS destroys ancient Muslim shrines in Palmyra

(CNN)ISIS fighters have destroyed two ancient Muslim shrines in the ancient oasis city of Palmyra, the Syrian government confirmed Wednesday, in the latest act of cultural vandalism by the Sunni extremists.

ISIS seized control of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back 2,000 years, last month, prompting fears for the site's survival.

An email sent on behalf of Syria's antiquities chief, Maamoun Abdulkarim, head of the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM), said the body had heard four days ago from people in Palmyra of the shrines' destruction.
"ISIS has blown up two ancient Muslim shrines in Palmyra, and has published photos of this awful crime against the Syrian cultural heritage on Facebook," the statement said.

One of the tombs destroyed is that of Mohammed bin Ali, a descendent of Ali bin Abi Taleb, the Prophet Mohammed's cousin, the DGAM said. It's located in a hilly area 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) north of Palmyra.
"ISIS militants also blew up the shrine of Shagaf, known as Abu Behaeddine, a religious figure from Palmyra, dated to 500 years ago. The shrine is located in the oasis 500 meters away from the Ancient City's Arch of Triumph," the statement said.
Images posted on the DGAM website show dust and debris flying into the air as the shrines are destroyed.

ISIS' capture of Palmyra was followed by the summary executions of scores of captive fighters and residents, according to the London-based monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Palmyra, also known as the "bride of the desert," is an exquisite collection of ruins in the desert northeast of Damascus that was once a monumental city sitting on an important trade route linking Persia, India and China with the Roman Empire.
Its history as an important caravan city at the crossroads of ancient civilizations is reflected in the eclectic mix of architectural styles found among its colonnades and temples.

British historian and novelist Tom Holland describes the site as "an extraordinary fusion of classical and Iranian influences intermixed with various Arab influence as well."

Destruction of Palmyra wouldn't just be a tragedy for Syria, it would be a loss for the entire world, he told CNN last month.

"This isn't just about Middle Eastern history, these are the wellsprings of the entire global culture. Mesopotamia, Iraq, Syria, this is the wellspring of global civilization. It really couldn't be higher stakes in terms of conservation."

CNN's Ruth Hetherington and Mairi Mackay contributed to this report.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Confusion Over Reported Death Of Jonathan's Son

In the past few days, the photo of this young man, Ibime Belema-Jonathan, has been viral on the social medial ‎with him claiming to be President Goodluck Jonathan's illegitimate son.
According to the reports, the 24-year-old guy believes he is one of the president's sons born outside wedlock and the photo that has been passed around speaks of a striking resemblance with the Nigerian leader and with the explanation that follows, one may not need to look too far to see that there may be some truth in it.
Though the President's spokesperson, Dr Rueben Abati has come out to state that the allegation is false, many think there could be a truth in the claim of the young man.
This is how it a Twitter user, @Abiyamo, put it:
"According to Belema-Jonathan, his mother ‎was a receptionist in a Port Harcourt hotel (which shall remain undisclosed) when she met Goodluck nearly 25 years ago. Their relationship was made private because of the risks it posed to Goodluck's then fledgling political career.
He has decided to disclose this information after recently being informed by his mother, who had just passed away. It is his desire for his father to assume and fulfill his fatherly duties after a lifetime of absence."‎
Report from Pulse.ng

Sweden's mummified bishop: Buried in 1680 with hidden baby

(CNN)Swedish researchers studying the mummified remains of a 17th century bishop have made an unusual discovery -- a fetus hidden at the feet of the prominent clergyman.
A CT scan of Bishop Peder Winstrup's remains revealed the four or five-month-old fetus, researchers from Lund University said.
"You can only speculate as to whether it was one of Winstrup's next of kin, or whether someone else took the opportunity while preparing the coffin. But we hope to be able to clarify any kinship through a DNA test," said Per Karsten, director of the university's Historical Museum.
Bishop Winstrup was one of the founders of the university and was buried in Lund Cathedral a year after his death in 1679 at the age of 74.
The CT scan, carried out in December 2014, also showed that Winstrup had not been embalmed in a traditional manner but "simply dried out naturally" with his internal organs intact," the university said in a statement.

"The good condition of the body seems to be the result of several factors in combination: constant air flow, the plant material in the coffin, a long period of illness resulting in the body becoming lean, death and burial during the winter months of December‒January and the general climate and temperature conditions in the cathedral," it said.
"We can now observe that Winstrup's mummy is one of the best-preserved bodies from Europe in the 1600s, with an information potential well in line with that offered by Otzi the ice man or Egyptian mummies. His remains constitute a unique archive of medical history on the living conditions and health of people living in the 1600s," Karsten said.
The scan indicated that Winstrup was likely bedridden for a long period of time before his death and had suffered from tuberculosis and pneumonia.
The bishop also appears to have had a rich diet, with decayed teeth suggesting sugary food and gallstones that could indicate a high consumption of fatty food.
Researchers now plan to move their investigations to the plant material and textiles in the coffin.
Bishop Winstrup was one of the founders of Lund University, which carried out the research.‎

James Horner, Oscar-winning composer, feared dead in plane crash

Los Angeles (CNN)
Academy Award-winning composer James Horner, known for his impressive body of work spanning multiple movie genres, is feared dead after a small plane belonging to him crashed in central California on Monday, killing the pilot.
It is not known whether the 61-year-old Horner, best known for scoring the movie "Titanic," was the person flying the plane.
But the Hollywood Reporter reported his death, attributing the confirmation to Sylvia Patrycja, his assistant.
"A great tragedy has struck my family today, and I will not be around for a while. I would like some privacy and time to heal," Patrycja posted on her Facebook page.
"We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart, and unbelievable talent. He died doing what he loved. Thank you for all your support and love and see you down the road. Love Sylvia."

Horner's lawyer couldn't confirm his death, but said he hadn't heard from the composer since the crash.
"He is an experienced pilot. He owns several planes. We have not heard from him," Jay Cooper told CNN.

Condolences pour in

Horner won two Oscars for his work on the 1997 James Cameron-directed "Titanic" -- earning best original dramatic score and best original song for the Celine Dion classic, "My Heart Will Go On."
He was nominated for Academy Awards 10 times and wrote the music for numerous blockbusters, including "Braveheart," "Apollo 13" and "The Amazing Spider-Man." He collaborated again with Cameron for 2009's "Avatar," the top-grossing film of all time.
Reaction to his reported death was immediate, with celebrities who worked with him posting condolences.
"Brilliant Composer James Horner, friend & collaborator on 7 movies has tragically died in a plane crash. My heart aches for his loved ones," tweeted Ron Howard, who directed "Apollo 13."
Leona Lewis, who worked with Horner on the theme for "Avatar," said working with the composer "was one of the biggest moments of my life."
"He was such a kind soul, I'm so saddened," she tweeted.

Crash circumstances

The single-engine S312 Tucano crashed under unknown circumstances near Cuyama, about 60 miles north of Santa Barbara, on Monday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
The debris field from the crash was scattered across a roughly 1-acre area in a dry riverbed, said Mike Eliason, a spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.
The aircraft caught fire on impact, and the flames spread to the surrounding vegetation, he said.
Firefighters who arrived on the scene were able to quickly put the fire out, but the occupant of the plane had died on impact, Eliason said.
The pilot was the only person on board, the FAA said.
The name of the victim will have to come from local authorities, the FAA said. CNN has reached out to Ventura and Santa Barbara counties for information, and left messages for Horner's agent.
A person answering the phone at Horner's house asked for privacy, the Los Angeles Times reported.

More than 75 films

Horner was born in 1953 in Los Angeles, but he grew up in England, studying piano at London's Royal College of Music. He moved back to the U.S. to attend college, earning a music degree from the University of Southern California, and then his master's and doctorate from UCLA.
Horner composed music for more than 75 films, making his feature-film debut in 1982 in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."
In addition to the accolades he earned for "Titanic," Horner won Grammy Awards for "Somewhere Out There" from "An American Tail" in 1987 and "Glory" in 1990. He also composed the music for such 1980s classics as "Field of Dreams," "Cocoon" and James Cameron's "Aliens" in 1986.
Horner leaves behind a wife, Sarah, and two daughters.
CNN's Sam Stringer, Paul Vercammen and Jethro Mullen contributed to this report.

Hundreds of people have died in Pakistan due to heatwave!

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)Hundreds of people have died in a three-day heatwave affecting Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, according to local media reports.
A spokesperson from the Sindh province Ministry of Health told CNN that 323 people had died in Karachi as a result of the heatwave.
The ministry also told CNN that the number of patients treated for heat stroke in Jinnah hospital, the largest in the city, is 2.360.
Others, unable to make it to a hospital, may have died at home. At least one city morgue, CNN affiliate Geo.tv has reported, has been overwhelmed with the numbers of dead.
Death tolls in local media reports vary.
The Sindh provincial government has declared a state of emergency in all its government hospitals, canceling leave of medical personnel and bringing in further medical supplies.
The record-breaking temperatures would likely bring more deaths before cooler weather, forecast for later in the week, arrive.
Saturday's temperature reached 44.8 degrees Celsius (112.64 degrees Fahrenheit) -- the highest-recorded temperature in Pakistan in the last 15 years. Sunday's temperature dipped slightly to 42.5 Celsius (108.5 F).‎
Citizens in this predominantly Muslim country are observing Ramadan, the holy month when Muslim faithful around the world fast from sunup until sundown.
This means, that amidst these scorching temperatures, Pakistanis are foregoing food and water.
Making matters worse, Karachi is dealing with frequent power outages as the electricity grids are unable to keep up with the demand in the city of 20 million.
To the east, a heat wave struck India last month, killing more than 2,000 people.
CNN's Sophia Saifi reported from Islamabad; Ralph Ellis wrote from Atlanta.‎

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Real Falila ketan

Baddest guy ever liveth Olamide a.k.a YBNL sang a song called "Falila ketan". I have watched the music video times without number cause I love the rhythm
 but could not see clearly if that Falila he used really ketan. I hereby introduce another Falila to him. See picture of the Falila. Will he want to do remix?


Not only in lagos things happen. See what happen at a party in Idoani, ondo state, a clown went to where drink is been served after so much activities but it's bad that attention wasn't given to him. Too badt.

Lagos flood!

Lagos State have been saying it for long and warning lagosians and her resident people not to block their drainage with dirty thing and try stay away from flooded area. Today's rain in lagos is so serious that is about relocating people's houses.  It had been said on traffic radio "96.1FM Lagos" that some part of lagos roads now have been cancel and blocked due to flood.

Friday, 19 June 2015

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